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PVC self-adhesive material print...

In the use of offset printing press to print PVC self-adhesive materials, ink adhesion is small, PVC self-adhesive material on the back sticky dirty has been a problem plaguing printing manufacturers.

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What is the difference between a...

The intermittent semi-rotary trademark machine using the round flattening process is another upgrade in the history of trademark machine equipment. Its printing quality is better than that of the baroclinic trademark machine. But in a short period of time developed satellite - type high - speed all - wheeled trademark machine to suppress its halo. Rotary trademark machine adopts circular press processing technology, its process principle is basically the same as offset printing, so that its printing quality is comparable to offset printing. And the trademark machine uses roll material, printing and making self-adhesive trademarks and labels can use automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling for goods, so that the trademark machine market has been rapid development.

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How to use flexographic press well

The press is the key to flexographic printing. All printing data comes from the press, and in every printing job preparation measure, job quality and careful maintenance of equipment contribute to a successful printing. Successful printing depends on the skill used, the skill of the printer, and the mechanical properties of the press itself. Because all printing job preparation steps are interconnected and interact with each other, it is important not to simplify printing job preparation.

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What are the advantages of lamin...

Cascade flexographic press, sometimes called stack flexographic press. Separate printing units are stacked up and down, arranged at one or both ends of the main wall panel of the printer, or mounted on a rack with various color printing units.

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2023 South China Label Printing ...

The first label exhibition in 2023 is under planning. The South China International Printing Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou on March 2-4, 2023

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