Solution to the drum problem of high speed printing press

Date:2023-03-17 10:16:54 click:807


       Traditional printing industry now lags far behind the development of the Internet industry, saving printing costs has become a key issue. The drum of the printing press plays a vital role in the printing quality. The following for you to explain the maintenance of the printing press drum.

       As we all know, the excessive hardness of the drum on the printing press may lead to many problems: a large increase in the level value, uneven dot density, mechanical ghost increase, color control failure, uneven dot edge, dot blur, grainy half-tone pattern, field color block printing effect is not ideal.

In order to save costs and avoid the above problems, the operator of the printing press must ensure the cleanliness, ink absorption and softness of the drum. Be sure to read the press manufacturer's hardness requirements for each cylinder. Many manufacturers currently have different hardness requirements for rollers depending on their function and position on the press, but some manufacturers provide users with a hardness number that applies to all rollers. Today, users have to choose the right hardness value for their rollers and try to maintain it.

        As a common knowledge, on every lithograph press, there are 125 variables to be controlled, so maintaining consistency becomes a difficult goal to achieve. One prepress expert has said that they can produce a digital plate with an error of less than 0.5%, even though the environment in the prepress shop is constantly changing. Currently, many manufacturers cannot do this, but printing presses can be better managed by adhering to best practices and controlling workflow.

        If you want the rollers to stay soft, wash them once a week with a decalcified solution or hot water containing 15% vinegar. In addition to this, operators need to thoroughly clean the rollers with an inkroll cleaner every weekend and rinse the rollers again on Monday morning. Try to avoid using chemicals on the roller, and most importantly, do not use steel pads. It is recommended that every other quarter all the rollers on the press be removed and cleaned by hand, as well as the frame and frame of the press. After this, you can definitely see the disappearance of stains and the improvement of printing quality.

        In addition, it is worth noting that the roller will harden when exposed to ultraviolet light or under high temperature and easy oxidation environment. So, try to store the rollers in a dark place and keep them away from heat sources and electric motors.