Which of the seven latest flexo technologies have you seen?

Date:2023-03-28 10:40:18 click:840

     The current flexo printing market quality characteristics are: large pattern, large color block, text, lines, medium thick dot (printing plate plus network cable number in 133 lines/inch below), the best color gamut for the middle tone (dot area in more than 2% ~ 3%, 70% below the area of the circular network image level performance is the strongest).

     Here are some of the latest flexographic technologies and their features:

     First, laser flexographic flat top dot technology. This is a very hot technology in recent years, is on the basis of direct plate-making technology to further improve the wear resistance of the highlight dot, so as to improve the printability of the plate.

     Second, Kodak FlexcelNX flexographic dot technology. It uses square laser technology, randomly generated multilateral rectangle, printing plate of the minimum dot diameter of 10μm.

     Third, Esko HD network technology. The use of circular laser, the main exposure process due to the participation of oxygen, so that the sensitive resin reaction is not complete, through the washing plate to make the dot pointed, smaller diameter.

     Fourth, Japan Asahi wash version technology. It is characterized by a plate surface tension matching UV ink surface tension, so printing is not easy to block plate. The company has done tracking tests on this plate, and found that its surface tension is 1 ~ 2mN/m lower than the surface tension of the laser plate we usually use.

    Fifth, DuPont's thermal version technology. This is really worth our attention to a kind of environmental protection technology, it makes the uncured photosensitive resin from solid to liquid by heating, and then under a certain pressure by non-woven fabric will liquefied resin out, get rid of the interference of plate washing liquid (including organic solvents and water-based solvents) washing plate surface tension, can control plate inking area and sag area surface tension does not fluctuate.

    The sixth, Kandy Tek rubber version technology. It is based on the offset printing horse brand rubber blanket, offset rubber blanket printing rate is very high, can reach 5 million ~ 6 million prints, so to reduce the flexo printing cost, this is a way worth considering.

    Seven, flexographic other prepress technology, such as square screen technology, special areas of mixed screen technology, plate surface microporous technology (field screening technology).