Struggling to become the target of the printing industry

Date:2020-03-10 10:03:18 click:1721

Struggling to become the target of the printing industry

I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to share some experiences with you today, because many people have shared their experiences with me. I hope to take this opportunity to pass on some of my ideas to more people, to help each person make endless progress in any aspect, and constantly break through and grow.

We often say that a goal does not necessarily succeed, but a successful person has a goal. why? Because the goal is to have a method and steps to achieve it. How do we achieve our goals?

Start with the decision and decide before the action; as long as you have the goal, know what you want, take action, tell yourself never give up, success is just a matter of time!

As a member of the printing industry, as a member of the technical department, we should start from the company's products and solve the equipment problems from the source, which requires us to start from the basics: reasonable design concepts; reasonable design standards; reasonable Design process; reasonable process requirements; reasonable assembly process; reasonable rules and regulations;

We all know that the fastest advancement in making equipment is imitation, but the general imitation is because of the lack of systems and steps, so that we have been following others! So we have to change, but before we change anyone or something, the first thing we need to change is ourselves. There is such a saying in the Tao Te Ching: "Know the wisdom of the people, the confidant is clear. The winner is powerful, and the one who wins is strong. The contentee is rich, the forcible is aspiring, and the loser is long, and he will die without death."

Therefore, in order to accomplish our goal, we must have a "small machine" to do: to be visual, to do the details, to be intimate, to be concise, to be generous, to be economical, to be stable, to be convenient, to be featured, to be standard, to serve, Be a customer.

People always imitate the best, so we must be excellent, we must continue to innovate, but we must understand that continuous innovation is an attitude rather than a skill. Therefore, you must believe that you can solve all problems and achieve all goals. We all know the 28th principle. We need to spend 80% of our energy on the process of realizing the vision, putting 20% in the vision itself; paying attention to what we want to achieve, not what we are worried about.

In this process, we need to have a clear goal; strong motivation; well-planned; active action; enthusiasm; open-mindedness; open-mindedness; professional learning: fostering creativity; teamwork; positive affirmation; firm determination;

The secret of success that everyone should know – team, persistence and communication. To achieve the goal, there must be a team that deserves his full commitment and contribution; and the purpose of communication is to make yourself and the other person feel better.

Success is a habit. Success is a simple matter to do it repeatedly!

I believe that I can do it for everyone! ! !

The gap between goals and us: just attitude, action and time!

Goal -- just a choice! An attitude!

Success - also a choice!

On the way to achieving the vision: no failure, only temporary suspension of success. Success is hard, but it is harder to succeed!