What are the advantages of laminated flexographic presses?

Date:2023-02-20 10:21:51 click:698

Cascade flexographic press, sometimes called stack flexographic press. Separate printing units are stacked up and down, arranged at one or both ends of the main wall panel of the printer, or mounted on a rack with various color printing units. 

Each printing unit is turned by a gear mounted on the main wall panel. Laminated mimeographs can print 1-8 colors, but usually 6 colors.

(1) The paper path of web paper can be changed, that is, the guide roller can be used to change the route of the material belt, and the positive and negative sides can be printed at one time. In addition, the chromatic number conversion of printing is very convenient.

(2) Printing parts have good accessibility, easy to adjust, replace and clean.

(3) can carry out 360 degree alignment. Various color printing units can be individually engaged and separated to allow other printing units to continue printing.

(4) Wide range of application, can print a variety of substrates. Its main disadvantage is indirect multi-gear transmission, multi-color printing overprint accuracy is not high, can only be used for printing general printed matter.