What is the difference between a full rotary press and a batch rotary press?

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The intermittent semi-rotary trademark machine using the round flattening process is another upgrade in the history of trademark machine equipment. Its printing quality is better than that of the baroclinic trademark machine. But in a short period of time developed satellite - type high - speed all - wheeled trademark machine to suppress its halo. Rotary trademark machine adopts circular press processing technology, its process principle is basically the same as offset printing, so that its printing quality is comparable to offset printing. And the trademark machine uses roll material, printing and making self-adhesive trademarks and labels can use automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling for goods, so that the trademark machine market has been rapid development.

1. Guidance of public opinion: as the saying goes, fallacy becomes truth one hundred times. Nowadays, the domestic label market is crowded with competitors. In this way, with the intermittent machine manufacturers advertising and publicity, the advantages of intermittent machine ineffably do not change plate cylinder, save plate material such as filled the market, and make the full rotation machine in the market. ldquo; Lose one's voice rdquo; . Based on years of understanding of the label market and the machine, I think this direction is biased.

2. The mainstream of international label printing: First of all, European and American countries are based on flexographic printing, and this kind of machine completes about 80% of the printing volume. And flexographic machine is absolutely full turn;

3. Printing process: intermittent type at present can only realize circular press round UV printing, improve the printing effect, but it is difficult to achieve multi-functional online printing process: such as common glue removal (wet tissue), back printing, cold stamping, oil, multi-layer compound, online hob die cutting; And these are the basic functions of full rotation. Satellite full rotation also has many special ways of moving materials, so that it can realize more special processes;

4. Speed and efficiency: First of all, declare a concept. Often intermittent manufacturers will advertise that two modes of full rotation and intermittent can be achieved, but please note that it is only possible when a specific version length meets the circumference of the machine version cylinder. The speed of satellite machines is usually 3-5 times that of intermittent machines.

5. Adjustment loss: Two kinds of machines are used to adjust the material version, usually the satellite type can be used without adhesive writing paper and coated paper on both sides, and intermittent mostly use adhesive reciprocating, please note that after several times of use, the adhesive may not be used because of uneven paper edge, because the intermittent machine is most afraid of uneven paper edge, affect overprinting. The adjustment materials of satellite aircraft can be used up to ten or twenty times.

6. Material suitability: Because of the different structure, intermittent machine for the material of the stripe requirements are very high, stripe adverse direct impact on overprinting, and requires the material to have good tensile strength, which greatly limits the ability to receive orders; And the satellite type due to the coating of the center drum, so that the stability of the printing material is improved, so that there is an excellent printing material adaptability, as everyone common toothpaste sheet, PVC film and so on. Normally, satellite machines can print films as thin as 4um.

Objectively speaking, the biggest advantage of intermittent is to save version cost, suitable for small orders. I personally think it is the replacement of the traditional flattening machine, whether cost-effective, order ability and other aspects, will be inferior to the full rotary. As we see, label printing is developing towards multi-color, special material application, multi-process, anti-counterfeiting and so on. It is more sensible to choose satellite full rotation. It is not worth losing competitiveness to save a little printing fee.