PVC self-adhesive material printing ink easy to do?

Date:2023-03-06 01:18:37 click:108

        In the use of offset printing press to print PVC self-adhesive materials, ink adhesion is small, PVC self-adhesive material on the back sticky dirty has been a problem plaguing printing manufacturers.

        The main reason for this problem is due to the poor absorption of PVC ink. It is very difficult to achieve drying completely by ink volatilization, especially when printing a large area, the drying time will be more than 48 hours, and the adhesion of the ink is very small, a wipe away.

         Since there are few special inks for printing PVC materials, ordinary ink has to be used to print PVC adhesive materials. There are easy ways to solve this problem.


        With bright light quick drying ink, add 3% red dry oil, 5% Central Asia brand ink God, with varnish instead of adjusting oil to blend until suitable for printing. Adding ink God to prevent the back sticking dirty effect is significant, the increase of varnish improves the drying speed of ink and ink adhesion. There are a number of barreled water trademarks printed by customer manufacturers using this method. The quality is very good. If you want to know about the printing press, please pay attention to me